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To join us, please sign up on IM Leagues and contact us directly for updated instructions at You can also join our listserv(NUAIKIDO) for regular updates.

In order to join the Aikido Club, Northwestern requires students to complete forms and concussion training to participate in any club sport.

There are two steps: joining the club on IM Leagues and submitting a health history questionnaire.

IM Leagues

These forms are required by the University for all students who wish to participate in club sports. Signing up on IM Leagues is important because your name will be added to the club roster. Funding and space allocations for the club are impacted by the number of members we have, so we want to have everyone who trains with us – even if that training is only occasional – join the Aikido Club on IM Leagues.

In addition, IM Leagues asks each participant to complete online, mandatory concussion training to help everyone recognize and avoid concussions while training.


The health history questionnaire is meant to help students and the university make sure that everyone participating in club sports is healthy enough to train. Not only must you submit the questionnaire, but university health staff must approve it. The questionnaire takes time, but it gives every club member a chance to think about their health and any considerations that Club instructors should know about, before joining us on the mats. The HHQ takes about 4-5 business days to be approved, so submit it right away!

If you have questions about the HHQ or process, contact the Aikido Club’s athletic trainer Marcus Washington.